KeePass Touch App Reviews

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Open-source? Where are the sources ?

Why should I need to send an email to get the sources?? Please publish on github to get visibility, control and contributions!!

Nice app

It does the job very well, extending features from MiniKeepassX. The most useful are sync options and Dropbox sync works as expected. It is really worth paying the in-app (1€). But, the whole purpose of using Keepass vs other proprietary apps is the transparency of open-source code. So, I regret that you dont publish the source code on github or anywhere. Not being a lawyer though, I guess it is also a license violation not doing so, based on the fact that you re-used open-source code.

Very good app!

Nice! Ive been using keepass for quite a while, but typing a masterkey on my phone everytime I needed a password was really a waste of time. The touchID feature is really handy. Worth the price.


Crashes when opening a KeePass 1.x file.


Awesome, almost exactly what I need but it would be helpful if it could read attachments in keepass databases. I store SSH private key files in my KeePass DB as attachment but I cant see it in KeePass Touch.

In-App Purchase Rip-Off

Buyer beware! The app seems to do what it promises, but has annoying ads that continuously pop up in the middle of every screen. There is an "in-app purchase" option that promises to remove the ads... but, even after purchasing it (and repeatedly trying to reinstall the app and "restore purchase") the ads never go away. No response from the developers email support address or their website contact. The in-app purchase is a small amount, but I would like my money back. I have since found several other completely free apps based off the same open-source code base that work just as well, without ads and without trying to rip you off: would recommend you skip this and check the others out.

The best iOS KeePass app

Has loads of settings and two notable features which so far work flawlessly: support for TouchID and Dropbox sync. Having to remove the ads is the only "downside", but IMO it was totally worth it considering the quality you get. Please keep up the good work and keep on updating the app!

Doesnt get better than this

With KeePass, the most flexible password manager around, and this developer, you have a fantastic combination. The touch-Id makes it super easy to manage and it supports all the KeePass database versions I had. Very happy I spent the money on this and would have happily spent more for a product of this quality. Looking forward to more Aps from this developer.

Closing itself

Whenever i wanna add an entry, the appis closing itself. Tested both on ipad and iphone. Having a touch-id support is perfect however needs an update for solving this issue.


Sync to Dropbox does not work. Workaround is a local saving and upload to the cloud.

Nice, but it can be better!

Almost the best implementation of Keepass. But: 1. TouchID is globally applied to all databases. In my case, Id prefer to have choice - which database password can be stored in touchID controller, and which Id rather typed manually. 2. Custom fields values always visible. Better to hide values with "Protect in-memory" turned on option. 3. Dropbox syncing works like a charm. But - desktop application checks file ".DatabaseName.kdbx.lock" and if it exists - opens the database in readonly mode, otherwise it creates this lock-file. So - this way its possible to avoid syncing conflicts. If you add this functionality - it would be a killing feature.

Please add gdrive

Thanks! Great app

Good, but could be better

I wish there was a way to always choose the Dropbox file over the local file (when the Dropbox file is newer). The prompt is annoying.

Needs multi-tasking support

This would be perfect if I could pull it up on the multitasking side window on my iPad mini 4. Otherwise it works great since its able to sync to Dropbox and has touchID enabled.


Very frequently crashes. Good concept but needs a lot of bug testing as it frequently is unusable due to crashes. The ad also covers up the database list which is very obnoxious.

Crashes when I try to open app

Application will not open after latest ios update

Fantastic and Secure App

Stores encrypted container locally or can sync it with Dropbox. Local storage of encrypted files is MUCH more secure than cloud storage by some third party, its simple logic. Works well with the PC app. The browser does need some work though. If a password is needed that isnt under the entry the browser was opened with, then the browser must be exited, the password from the other entry copied, and the browser reopened. This is quite annoying. Im hoping it can be integrated with other apps to autofill everything soon. I know Apple is very obstinate and fussy about letting others integrate apps, only to hinder growth and ingenuity, tsk tsk. Overall though, this app functions as intended and is worth checking out.


Doesnt support native .kdb files?!? Has its own unique .kdbx file format. Pretty much useless if you are trying to sync from your desktop version of KeePass. Useless for me.... Other than that it does what is advertised.

Now Perfect

The July 7th update for KeyPass Touch fixed my problem with the pin not always working. It is so convenient to quickly access my hundreds of passwords with a touch rather than entering a long password each time. Thanks for a great app.

Many fatal problems

I paid to "Remove Ads", but the ads are still there at the bottom of my list of .kdb files--right where theyre easy to touch by accident. I tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling, and then "Restore Purchases", but the ads "Auto-sync" to Dropbox instantly produced 10 conflicting versions of one of my database files. There is no way to disable the auto-sync without uninstalling the app. Im giving it 2 stars because other than those annoying problems, the app works.

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